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Bancaja presents an exhibition on Spanish emigration in the 20th Century at Santander airport

Bancaja presents the exhibition “Far from Home”on Spanish emigration in the 20th Century, at Santander airport.

The exhibition consists of photographic and administrative documents that illustrate stories of the lives of Spaniards who emigrated to Germany, France and Argentina in the 1960s and 1970s.

The aim of the exhibition is to recognise the links existing between the past of some Spaniards and the present situation of new citizens living in our country. In this regard, the pieces illustrate the experiences of people who emigrated to countries such as Germany, France and Argentina. For this reason, the exhibition has been divided into three different sections: “The American Hope” (Argentina), “A paso doble” (Germany), and “The exodus to France”.

The works will be on exhibit from 2th July to 10th September 2007 in the foyer of Santander airport.

Supporting an intercultural society

Bancaja is very much aware of the migration phenomenon and the new space that has been created for the collaboration between people, and the great opportunity to establish tolerance as a connection between cultures . Therefore the entity, through its Welfare Work, supports an intercultural society with a line of action that centres on a Support Plan for an Intercultural Society, which contains a series of measures of support for organisations that work in co-developing and international co-operation.

Since the end of 2002, this approach has formed part of Bancaja’s lines of business , through the programme known as “New Citizen”. This name reflects the integrating but never discriminating will that Bancaja applies to this group of people, in an aim to integrate these new citizens into the banklike any other user of financial services. This is why Bancaja has not opened specialised offices for immigrants, but has put existing branch offices at their disposal.


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